Message from Giorgio Pradelli, CEO, EFG International

A message from our parent, EFG International

It started with a sense of conviction: that our industry could do better. Having spent their working lives in private banking, the founders of EFG Bank - Jean Pierre Cuoni and Lonnie Howell - felt that the crucial importance of human relationships was being overlooked.

The business opened its first office in 1995, as the Zurich branch of EFG Bank European Financial Group. It set out to create a supportive environment, where Client Relationship Officers (CROs) are free to serve their clients as they see fit - without the distortions of sales targets, internal politics or bureaucracy. Today, as when the business started, CROs are driven by one imperative: to create the best possible solutions for their clients.

From a standing start (and a lot of hard work!), EFG International has grown to an international private bank spanning some 40 locations, and with some 2,000 employees.

It has been an exciting journey, and there is much more to come. Some of the finest private bankers continue to gravitate to EFG Bank. But success can only be built on getting things right for our clients, and it is this undertaking that motivates us all.

Giorgio Pradelli, CEO, EFG International